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Laurens Drillich from EndemolShine Latino: Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic starts with a lot of work

and more will surely come.

The president of EndemolShine Latino, Laurens Drillich, was one of the guests of honor at the inauguration of the Banijay México & US Hispanic offices, where he highlighted that they have many projects on the horizon in which Marie Leguizamo, general director of this company, Already works. “It is a special moment for everyone because you don't always have the opportunity to open a new office in a country where you are already working, because we have Boomdog here. It is incredible for us and a great honor ”she commented. She stressed that at the moment they will only work on unscripted projects , so this office already has a lot of work ahead: "All the things we have planned give us a lot to do and surely more will come."

He assured that within the markets that he manages (Mexico, Brazil and Hispanic US), they will have new bets that will soon be announced, highlighting Brazil as one of the most attractive countries: "We hope that before summer we will have news from there" .


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