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Banijay Mexico and U.S. Hispanic is a studio focused on developing and producing original content in both English and Spanish for broadcast, cable and streaming platforms in the Mexican and U.S. Hispanic markets.

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Last One Laughing:

Eugenio Derbez pits ten of the best comedians in Mexico against each other in this celebrity showdown. As the clock counts down in this six-hour competition, their objective is to eliminate others from the house by making each other laugh.

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Last One Laughing: Argentina

The successful format "LOL" (Last One Laughing) arrives to Argentina! The social experiment led by the iconic Susana Giménez will aim to find the next "10" in comedy and crown the first winner of LOL ARGENTINA.

Last One Laughing: Colombia

For the first time in Colombia, LOL opens its doors to 10 of the best comedians to compete against each other to win the LOL trophy while they dare to make comedy free of censorship and limits.

Jalas o te Rajas

The Golden Scorpion and Facundo decide to end their years-long rivalry by signing a contract in which they commit to facing off in 10 extreme challenges. The challenges are created by celebrities who seek revenge and want to see them suffer. Traveling, challenging each other, accumulating money, and being punished will show who is a true god and who is a mere mortal.

Temptation Island

Four couples in love disembark on the island ready to put their relationships to the ultimate test of trust and fidelity. Separated into two villas and surrounded by real temptations, will they be able to resist all carnal impulses and their most primitive instincts? Each couple has their own rules, but on the island, the heat rises and boundaries may be pushed to the breaking point. Choosing their first date and themed parties with fantasies - which may come true - are just some of the things they can enjoy in the first episode of Temptation Island Mexico!

Our Talent

We are greater than the sum of our parts – a collective of the best creative talent in the world, collaboration sits at the heart of all we do. Partnering to grow ideas and maximise on them worldwide, we have nurtured a growing catalogue spanning 120,000 hours of premium, high-quality content.

Our Purpose

We are Banijay – Storymaking set free. That’s why we commit all our entrepreneurial drive to unleashing the best on-screen storytelling for the world. We call this storymaking. There is no one Banijay way to make stories, we clear the paths all our people want to explore. We let our storymakers have their spark, then add the oxygen to make it catch fire.

Our Responsibility

Our planet is incredibly important to us and as such, we are taking the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint and our overall impact on the environment. Both corporately and on-set, we are making the necessary changes to drive change, while educating our audiences.

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